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Zero Click Traffic

Zero-click traffic is direct advertising that does not require any end user interaction to be delivered. This includes popup, pop under and tab-under, and domain redirects.

Mobile Friendly

We are mobile-compatible and offer high-quality traffic for iOS, Android and other types of mobile OS.

Precisely Targeted

We make targeting visitors who are genuinely interested in your products and services easy and efficient.

Big Data powered

Technology is the core of our business. More than just a traffic provider we have developed a complete suite of powerful tools to make your campaigns more profitable.

No bots, only real human traffic

Bot traffic wastes time and money, so we deliver only 100% real human traffic that can see your landing page.

Wordwide Coverage

Looking for visitors from France or Brazil? We can help. We have top-tier traffic from everywhere around the world. TrafficAvenue manage more than 1 Billion of ads each month from 169 countries.